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 Character Info

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Character sheet
Character Name: Ultra
Character Age: 2 years younger than Bass
Weapon(s) of Choice: Ultra Busters; Voice

PostSubject: Character Info   Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:20 pm


age: same as Megaman/Breakman

Appearance: Megaman in feminine form with longer hair and eyelashes, minimal curves - makes it easier to masquerade as him.

Info: Made by Dr. Wily in an attempt to break into Dr. Light's lab, she became a living machine much like Megaman and Breakman by getting a severe electrical shock while fleeing the lab when Megaman himself walked in. She still works for Wily and considers Bass and the Robot Masters her friends/brothers, but has a slight crush on Mega himself, much to Bass's chargin...
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Character sheet
Character Name: Dragonman.EXE
Character Age: A few years older than Protoman
Weapon(s) of Choice: The Charge (arm-mounted, dragonhead shaped gun replacing DragonFire), PP9 Eagle Fully Auto handguns

PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:09 pm

Name: StarFire

Age: Older than Protoman

Appearance: Large, tall, multicolored. Carries large high-powered rifle everywhere as identifying trademark.

Info: Made partially by Wily, then finished by Dr. Light. Wily left him in a dumpster after determining him to be a failed project. Would have worked alongside Ultra, but instead works alongside Megaman. His mission, destroy Dr. Wily's fortress and robots and bring him to Dr. Light to be imprisoned permenantly.

Weapon: A large .50 cal automatic rifle. Enough to take a chunk out of most robots in one shot.

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Character Info
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