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 Character info

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PostSubject: Character info   Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:10 pm


Age: 127

Weapon: Giant Battle Axe, a great axe made for crushing one's foes.

The elder of his clan, and adviser of his homestate.
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Character sheet
Character Name: Dragonman.EXE
Character Age: A few years older than Protoman
Weapon(s) of Choice: The Charge (arm-mounted, dragonhead shaped gun replacing DragonFire), PP9 Eagle Fully Auto handguns

PostSubject: Re: Character info   Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:37 pm


Age: 3 years older than Omega-Xis

His native planet is AM, but when it was attacked, he left and went to planet FM, only to find out it was in total chaos. From there, he left and went to earth in search of other AMians or FMians who had come. He can combine with a host, but has not yet found one to befriend.

Weapons: StarFire (arm-mounted, 4-element blaster) and can use any card

StarForce: TrigonLiger

StarForce info: A large, red animal, a cross between a lion and tiger, with a roar that creates hurricanes. Instantaneous deletion for anything weaker than 500hp.


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Character sheet
Character Name: kai
Character Age: 17
Weapon(s) of Choice: star carrier with the v hunter os installed in it

PostSubject: Re: Character info   Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:24 pm

name brian
weapon:star carrier
em creature from the mu continet: beastis

thousands of years ago brian lived on the mu continet with his he was entrusted with the saurin oopart and was gardian of the saurin temple but a huge radiation occured sending him to the year 1994. he was transformed nto a baby and placed in a women wound and was born jan. 4, 1994. he is now 16 again and is with his em creature beastis and togethor they r beastman.

powers: trans form into: cybeast gregar, fir saurin, and fire leo.
alot of battle cards
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Character sheet
Character Name: Gamma/Nega
Character Age: 2000
Weapon(s) of Choice: Buster Claws-a original weapon used for Nega. Gamma Uses a Plasma shield with a weak miniature turret.

PostSubject: Re: Character info   Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:36 pm

Name: Gamma and Nega

Age: Unknown but they say they're 2000 years old.

Weapon: A Claw Buster for Nega, who can use it for melee and charging orbs of energy. No extensions for physical attacks, just the length of the claw which is 8 inches long and 5 inches wide. For Gamma, it is a shield with a weak turret in the middle that is as strong as a regular reploid buster. the shield is very strong and is 10 feet talla nd 20 feet wide. This is created by the transformatrion of gamma's hand.

A unknown amount of years ago two reploids were created. They were in complete unity and could synchronize into Alphaman. Two weapons were made that could have up to 10 chips attached. The shield, only using supportive and defensive chips, and the claws, using offensive and supportive(involving power ups not healing) up to 9 chips. For 100 years they hunted mavericks. But then came a scientist named Dr. Uno, freezing them in a capsule which was crushed along with a building underground they were kept in. The building was in a 5o kilometer deep base. When 3 reploids infiltrated to destroy the two.

1900 years later they were dug up. For the longest of times they were unable to be awakened. Somehow, the destruction of the capsule petrified them. When a boy named Geo had obtained Omega-Xis, they were kept hidden, coincidently, and then they awakened. Not even a hour passed and the hidden area was destroyed. The two combined, shrinking the shield to 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. It was an inch taller than Alphaman. The hand not used by the shield turned into a large foot-long claw that was 7 inches wide. The weight of the things weighed Alphaman down, but he was able to be quick still. Having found only 3 measly chips- a Plus Cannon, Sword, and Long Sword were found.

The two had set off in a search for the boy Geo but never succeeded. Now, they roam the earth, trying to find a way-well now as the two not as one- to upgrade their bodies. The chips were only compatible to Nega. After a few years, Their weapons worn. Now the claw busters are as strong as regular cannons and the shield can block things as strong as a plus cannon. But it still blocks at least one hit stronger than a plus cannon. The shield is regeneratable so only upgrades are needed.

Powers: SHared: Teleportation to up to 50 miles.
Combine-The two can fuse into Alphaman, being able to use both abilitiess and having SP doubled.
Nega: Super Charge Shadow Buster- Hands are clenched together, transforming them into a heavy cannon that can fire a large blast. Uses 10 SP.
Gamma: Fortress Defense SHield- Shield doubles in size, also blocking more powerful attacks such as mega chips. uses All remaining SP.
SP:150. This is shared in regular form.

Deterioration- After 19 hours Nega has to shut down or deteriorate.

Type: Nega: Dark-Type.
Gamma: Unknown

SUmmary: They have been incredibly weakened, now needing a upgrade. Maybe transformed into a FMian or a AMian.
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PostSubject: Re: Character info   

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Character info
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