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 Battle Network RP Info

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1-Gold 1-Star Admin/Webmaster

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PostBattle Network RP Info

Hey Y'all,
There are now some rules for RPing in the Battle Network forum. Because of the large number of chips that anyone could use during the RP, you will be limited. Here are the details of that:

By the way, I will refer to buying things or paying for things. What I mean is you will obtain them, get them, earn them or something along those lines. Essentially, you will get them. You are, in a sense, purchasing them with posts or a certain number of finished RPs.

You will start with 6 standard chips and 1 Mega chip, a total of 7 chips.

Then, to get more chips, you will pay with posts. I'll explain:
To get another standard chip, it will cost you 50 posts.
To get another mega chip, it will cost you 100 posts.
To get another giga chip, it will cost you 150 posts.

You can buy standard chips as you can afford them, or you can save up to get something a mega or a giga chip.

Navi chips count as a standard chip. Instead of actually getting the navi, you will get a weaker form of the attack. For example, if you chose Searchman, instead of using him, you would be using the Scope Gun, and it would just be a bit weaker than Searchman himself.

After finishing an RP, you will earn a navi customizer program to apply to your navi.
Here is the list of available programs:

AirShoes - allows you to you to stand on holes in the battlefield
GigaFolder - allows an extra giga chip to be used in a row (for RP)
JungleLand - attracts wood viruses
KawarimiMagic - one auto anti-damage per fight with having to use the BattleChip anti damage
MegaFolder - same as giga folder but with mega chips instead
OilBody - attracts fire viruses
Reflect - gives you one Guard effect per fight (same way the chip would)
SneakRun - you will not run into weak viruses
SuperArmor - reduces damage from attacks, will take damage from weak attacks but will not disrupt the navi
UnderShirt - regardless of the power of attack, navi will with 1 hp
AttackMAX - will max out buster attack
BugStopper - stops bugs occurring in the navi
ChargeMAX - will max out buster charge
Float Shoes - like air shoes but wonít break a cracked part of the floor
FolderBack1 - regenerates your chips once per fight
RapidMAX - will max out buster rapid fire
RushSupport - rush the dog will help you (don't now how yet)
SelfRecovery - slowly recover if not in battle
Shield - gives you a shield, once per fight

If you know of a program not listed, and you know what it does, please PM it to me and I'll add it to the list. Please try to find the English name, not the Japanese name.

After finishing 2 RPs, you can either buy a 2nd navi cust program (you will have one from the first and then get one from the second) or you can save up and buy a new style for you navi. You will make up what goes into the style, but please make it realistic. After you have earned 5 styles, you can create an ultimate style for your next one (i.e., something so powerful, it will nearly delete a navi just from a standard shot/hit).

Here is a list of available chip pictures:
This is so that you can make your signature look something like Bollen.exe's signature or Bebeb123's signature. Just look for the links that say Battle Chips.

That is all the info about RPing the Battle Network section. I know itís a lot, but once you get the hang of it, itíll be more fun for everyone.

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Battle Network RP Info

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