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 Navi Link System info thread

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PostSubject: Navi Link System info thread   Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:37 pm

The Navi Link System was a joint effort between Capcom and Takara to expand the battle chip concept further than ever before. Here's the rundown:


This version of the PET took the game to a new level. Wireless battling and a touch screen with stylus are just the start. The Link PET took customization further by having interchangeable faceplates and Navi symbols, so your PET could look like it belonged to someone OTHER than Lan or Chaud for once. And then there's the Navi Link System. Instead of saving data on the PET and being unable to transfer it (other than in a VS battle), your levelling data could be saved to the Navi chips themselves (I'm still a bit fuzzy on how you sync the data, but I'm planning to look into it further). This allowed you to level your favorite Navi and play as him in Battle Network 6 (I think you already had to clear the game, though), or in Battle Chip Stadium (more on that below). Important note: the Advanced and Progress chips are not comaptible with the Link PET; this is because they have 11 contacts each, while Link battle chips have 12. It's also important to note that Link chips are shorter than Advanced chips but slightly wider at the "base" (where the contacts are) than Progress chips.

Beast Link Gate

According to pretty much everything I've heard, the localization of BN6 removed the ability to use the Gate in the American version. I call foul, but it can't be helped. So everything that follows essentially only applies to the Japanese version.

Whereas the Gates for BN4 and BN5 unlocked a special "battle chip only" mode, the Beast Link Gate allowed you to play the STORY MODE with your battle chip collection. (Finally! Too bad they disabled the functionality over here...) Also, once you completed the game once, you could slot in the Navi chip you've been levelling on your PET and play through the "after-game" as whatever Navi you wanted (there might be a few Link Navis that don't work with this, but I can't verify that until I get a collection of my own started).

Battle Chip Stadium

This, in my opinion, is THE coolest part of the Navi Link System. Not only can you decorate your Link PET with the style of your favorite Navi, and not only can you play as your favorite Navi in BN6... you can pit your favorite Navi against others in an ARCADE. Here's a link to some info: http://protodudesrockmancorner.blogspot.com/2009/02/additonal-battle-chip-stadium-info.html

Yep, you slot in your Navi (or pick a default, but where's the fun in that?), slot in your battle chips, and go at it. Someday, I will own one of those machines.

Available Navis

This picture shows the complete roster of Link Navis. I'm not sure if they all work with BN6, but they DO all work with Battle Chip Stadium. Also, the Navi hidden by camera flash glare is Colonel. And yes, those are Dark Mega and Dark Proto up top, and yes, that IS a second, Beast-y form of Forte at the bottom. The awesomeness doth pwn my very fanboy soul.
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PostSubject: Re: Navi Link System info thread   Fri May 01, 2009 10:30 am

awesome i might get a link pet now
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Navi Link System info thread
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