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 [arc]Megaman Revolutions

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PostSubject: [arc]Megaman Revolutions   Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:05 pm

This is new Series created by Gamma/Nega for our forum. Pretty much, this is just a long story. He has the plot already laid out.
Here is the basic rule:
If you participate, you can make small changes, but you have to follow the basic storyline. This is not a standard RP!

First part- Gamma and Nega are saved, as they join their savior in battle. After, the two find XXXX who upgrades them. This upgrade somehow turns them in EM beings. One appearing human and the other appearing like a AMian/FMian. This creates a new race called RMian beings.

Second part- Gamma and Nega find a relic an archeologist found. Soon, Nega dissapears. After, Gamma had evolved into Alphaman. This is a sign that Nega had returned to his true form, but in a RMian version of it. It is called Negaman. The two never explained their new race yet. A week after evolution, they confront each other in a battle that reveals themselves due to intense power and molecular structure radiating near each other. People hear about the RMians- which are said to be Reploid Matter. After an intense battle, the town they are fighting in is nearly blown to oblivion.

Third Part- Alpha is able to convert back to Gamma, disguising himself. For weeks, Alpha tries to recruit kids with wizards.

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PostSubject: Re: [arc]Megaman Revolutions   Tue May 18, 2010 4:59 pm

i wonder whats going on today. looks out the the window and sees a giant virus. em wave change phoenix on air. brian turns into beastman and deltes all the giant virus. woo that was easy i didnt if i have to use my oopart. to bad i really my to use it
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[arc]Megaman Revolutions
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