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Character Name: kai
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PostSubject: [RP] NEW WORLD   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:11 pm

ok here is the story line so far. Phoenix was born on mu 10,000 years ago and was the leader of the saurin tribe, but one day mu started to crumble. RaMu knew this was the end so he transformed phoenix and 2 other 17 year olds into babies and and transferred them throught time into the 20th century. after being born again phoenix was renamed kai. his new dad saw that when kai was born, he came out with a star carrier but a more advance version. one that had the v hunter operating system installed into it, and saw the saurin tatoo on his back and knew that kai was phoenix from the legend of mu and had been re born to save the world once again. but accoring to legend there was two more kids who were reborn named dragon (not dragonman but a completely different person) and razor. even tho phoenix is the oldest out of the 3, dragon accidently was reborn 3 years b4 phoenix. well dragon new name is bryan and razor new name is tyesha. phoenix was the saurin gaurdian, dragon was the zerker gaurdian and razor was the ninja gaurdian. as they grew up and got older thier memory of mu came back to them and they new what had happen and now what they must do so that the world doesnt end again.due to the fact that they are in a new era means that they have new powers. phoenix now em wave changes into beastman red joker but prefers to be called red joker from now on and dragon em wave changes in dragonman black ace but prefers to be called black ace because of the existence of another dragonman (the admin of this site) razor em wave changes into tribe queen because phoenix and dragon gave her some of the power of there ooparts so that she wont be useless in the up comming battle to save the world. but they are not the only ones that will save the world as they will soon discover
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