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 Character Info

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1-Gold 1-Star Admin/Webmaster

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Character sheet
Character Name: Dragonman.EXE
Character Age: A few years older than Protoman
Weapon(s) of Choice: The Charge (arm-mounted, dragonhead shaped gun replacing DragonFire), PP9 Eagle Fully Auto handguns

PostSubject: Character Info   Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:08 pm


Age: A few years older than Protoman

A loner by choice, Dragonman is one of the most powerful navis on the net. Having no net op, his skills rely not on what the next battle chip is, but what he has on hand or what is around. A powerful adversary for Bass, he searches the net for him, waiting for the fight that will end all fights (between the two of them) and prove who ultimate net navi really is.

Weapons of Choice: DragonFire (arm-mounted, dragonhead shaped gun), PP9 Eagle Fully Auto handguns, Ocatovance GOSPEL Enhanced Final Strike (sword; resembles a beam of light)

Upgrades: AttackMax, ChargeMax

What is the Octovance GOSPEL Enhanced Final Strike? It is the power of the most powerful Program Advance (PA) enhanced by GOSPEL and that power multiplied by 8 to get a PA that no navi on the net but 2 can wield its power. All others are deleted by so much as touching it. The impact and blast from two colliding is enough to wipe all of the undernet instantaneously. It should destroy those wielding it, but it doesn't. Why not, and who is the other that can wield it?


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PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:41 pm


Age: 127

Weapon: Giant Battle Axe, a great axe made for crushing one's foes.

The elder of his clan, and adviser of his homestate.
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Character sheet
Character Name: Ultra
Character Age: 2 years younger than Bass
Weapon(s) of Choice: Ultra Busters; Voice

PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:38 pm


Age: A year or two younger than Bass.EXE

Created to replace the "offending" Navi Bass.EXE, she has little reason to help Bass, but does so on the purposes to fighting him herself one day to see if the first is better than the second.
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Character sheet
Character Name: Tory Prescott
Character Age: 19
Weapon(s) of Choice: Sword

PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Wed Aug 06, 2008 10:58 pm

Name : BassX

Age: ?

Not to be confused with Bass. BassX is a Navi customized by Scilab and given to Tory. His armor is coated with bronze and navy steel.
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Character sheet
Character Name: Bollen.exe
Character Age: 18
Weapon(s) of Choice: Long Sword, Vulcan Buster, Grave cannon

PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:53 am


age: 3 years old (time net op has had him)

weapons: left arm turns into a short sword (10 damage) while his right arm turns into a vulcan gun (much weaker than the vulcan chip, 3x hit at 5 damage per hit)

bio: matt was given a program by a scilab scientist because although matt wanted a custom navi, he wanted to make it look how he wanted it to look, so he asked the scientist to program the navi and the scientist told matt how to program the looks of a navi.

appearance: has forte cross megaman body with an inverted megaman navi symbol, but what looks like megamans normal head but where his ears would be he has small outward and backward poiting ridges that resemble forte's. his colour scheme in black and red

battle chips:
barrier, hi-cannon, cyber sword, long blade, aqua and fire tower
mega chip: neo variable sword

gained chips: areasteal
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1-Gold 2-Star

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Character sheet
Character Name:
Character Age:
Weapon(s) of Choice:

PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:13 pm

chris and captain
bio: while in sci lab he volentered to take part in a new experiment, the experement is a new sycro chip that makes it capable to enter the net while doing this it was a sucess and he was granted to have one. one day he went in the net but the computer shut off so now he's stuck in the net for now.

navi bio: was given to chris two years ago now cross fused they know more about each other. has no realations with colonel.

apperance: he looks like colenel cross megaman

apperance when beast out: looks similar to colonel beast out.with out the cape

weapons: neo var sword, z- saber, colenel sword, and beast out
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1-Gold 1-Star Moderator

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Character sheet
Character Name: kai
Character Age: 17
Weapon(s) of Choice: star carrier with the v hunter os installed in it

PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:41 pm


age:older than bassx by 2 years.

beastman no longer with www is now with a 14 year old boy named brian.
beastman is now 3 times as powerful than he was when he was with www because of (ncp)
atk+5, speed+5, def-100.
with no defence beastman atks fast, faster than any navi before. brian has a team of 3 people his cousin cj who now has shaddowman, and his lil bro brandon who nows has protoman. Twisted Evil
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Location : Wouldn't you like to know.
Registration date : 2010-02-01

Character sheet
Character Name: TomahawkMan
Character Age: 12
Weapon(s) of Choice: Tomahawk Buster, Tomahawk Axe

PostSubject: Re: Character Info   Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:02 pm

Navi: TomahawkMan.EXE

Age: Same as MegaMan.EXE

Bio: After splitting from Dingo, he now roams the Net, battling anyone who gets near enough to the range of his Tomahawk Swing, but before he left Dingo, he stole some BattleChip data so he could have some good offense.

Tomahawk Swing: Swings his Tomahawk axe at the enemy.
Tomahawk Buster: Fires his Buster.
Tomahawk Air Raid: Detaches his tomahawk axe and throws it like a boomerang.
Eagle Dash: Dashes toward the enemy.
Tomahawk Rolling: Jumps into the air and rolls at the enemy, bashing them with his whole body.

Chips (Standard):


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PostSubject: Re: Character Info   

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Character Info
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